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What is “Akashic Records Reading?” (And How to Read Them)

What is “Akashic Records Reading?” (And How to Read Them)

Reading my own Akashic records and those of many others, has taught me that there is nothing more valuable in the self-help realm, then these. Read on to learn why.

According to Wikipedia, the “Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.” What does that mean?

Basically, everything that ever was, is or will be- is within these records.

Now, I’m not going to get into a deep talk about the schematics involved, as it’s just not necessary in understanding what they are and how they help.

Just know this–everything that you need to work on in order to become unstuck or move forward within your life, is held within these records.

Having an Akashic Records Reading (or reading them yourself) is how.

What is “Akashic Records Reading?”

Akashic Records Reading is just that–the reading of your Akashic Records.

It’s tapping into that realm where all information is stored. 

You can read your own records or have someone else read them for you (more on that below).

Why get an Akashic Records Reading?

  • You can discover information about yourself in just about every single subject. It is self-help mastery. Seriously.
  • You can get information on how to improve yourself, your relationships–your health!! Your money!
  • You can get information on your spirit guides, or your lives before this incarnation.
  • You can find out information about the earth and its past.
  • Most importantly, in my opinion is the availability of support–ready to help you advance within this lifetime. There are so many entities rooting for you. So much love is available to you. You only need to tap into it!

For someone like me, a spiritual life coach–the Akashic Records are gold! Being able to get legit advice about how my clients can move through blocks, without having to waste time trying to figure out what the blocks are, or think of ways to overcome them–is amazing to me! They help so much!

Why Should You Get Your Akashic Records Read

You mean to tell me I haven’t convinced you yet? Ok. Well, let’s dive in further.

The Akashic records are a parable in the story of you. They hold all that you could ever want to know or learn about yourself.

They are most important in your self growth as they capture the essence of who you are and why you are the person that you are. This understanding of yourself allows you to go even deeper into the person that you are becoming.

There is no right way or wrong way to use the Akashic records. You can open them up to get self knowledge, or to feel loved for being who you are.

There is an massive amount of spiritual energy that comes in when you open your records and/or if you have someone open them up for you. This energy helps to escalate you into a new state of being. You have the capability of complete transformation if this is what you desire.

The Process

Whether you have your records read by someone or you do it yourself, the process is pretty much the same.

  1. First, you pick your questions.

Deciding on the questions is the most important part of the process. Really getting to the core of what you want to know means a lot in the quality of the reading.

The best types of questions always begin with ‘Who, What or Why.’ These allow for an open dialogue to occur within your reading.

  1. Next, you go ahead and open your records (or if in the case of having someone read for you, let them take over the process).

Once you’re in the records you may or may not experience an energy shift. It really depends on the person. Many people feel a sense of peace over themselves, while others feel the shift in energy. (I’m one of the later. I feel the shift in energy completely! When I open the records for myself or someone else, It feels like my heart is pulsating with energy and I can feel it running through me.) But it all depends on the person.

Moral of the story? Don’t expect anything! Just go with your own flow!

How To Open Your Akashic Records

Now, you can open your records yourself, and there are a lot of ways to do this-but the easiest is through a prayer.

Praying for your records to be open is optimal as it puts you into a very vulnerable state. One where you are open to receiving the information that you’re after.

Simply state within a meditation, I would like to know about my Akashic records. I would like to feel them and sense them. Hear from them.

There the knowledge will be given to you.

Some Tips When You Read For Yourself

  • Be specific in the questions you want to learn about and ask. Be open and receptive towards hearing.
  • Be with the intention of learning about who are, and the information will come.
  • Have fun with it. Take it easy. And above all relax as you get the information.

Closing The Akashic Records

When you’re done asking your questions, or simply sitting within the energy, it’s good to do something to mark the end of that session. You can do this by simply saying “Thank you–the records are now closed.”

This will ensure you close off the energy so that you’re not sitting in it all day. I forgot to close my records once and my ears started hurting. Everything gets really sensitive for me in the shift of energy.

It may helpful to have them read for you if you don’t find the answers are clear. At times it can be murky if you aren’t used to listening and receiving. I suggest meditating to really help with this process.

Above all, do get them read! Either by you or someone else.

Does having your records read sound appealing to you?  I’d love to help! I love reading Akashic records for others.

Here’s a recent testimonial:

“You don’t know how much this resonates with me! I feel so much better about taking the next steps on my business. Thank you!!”

Click here to get started!

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Get Your Life Together: A Step by Step Guide For Awakened Women

Get Your Life Together: A Step by Step Guide For Awakened Women

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed with life right now? Confused in how you got to this spot in your life? No worries beauty. It’s possible to get back on track and feel happy with life once again. My name is Martita Robinson and I’m a spiritual life coach. Thank you for visiting this article on  how to ‘Get Your Life Together.’ This article is geared towards spiritual women that are ready to make dramatic shifts in their lives. Within this article I’ll be giving you the exact step-by-step process I give to all of my clients to create the lives that they want. If you’re ready to take back your life, and live happy, these steps are for you!

 Where you are: Confused, overwhelmed, uncomfortable, feeling lost.
Where This article will Direct You: Happy, at peace, in the flow of life, excited.

Get Your Life Together

Step #1-What Do You Want?

Materials Needed

  • Pens
  • Paper or Journal
  • A quiet comfortable space
  • Incense, candles, aromatherapy (optional)

First things first: Centering

Before you do anything important in your life you need to center yourself. Centering yourself is about resting into the sacred spirit within. Your super power. Your light.

Centering yourself is super important in getting to the core of what it is that you truly need. Learn how in the exercise below!

Exercise #1: Pull out a paper and pen.

Center yourself by taking a deep breath. Take a few of them. This is important. Take your time here. Breathe in as if you are filling the balloon of your belly. It should expand as you breathe in and flatten as you breathe out.  Do this a few times.

Once you feel calm and relaxed–ask yourself the question, “What do I need right now?”

Wait for answers to come. Once they pop in your head, or you get a feeling, write it down. Write down whatever comes into your mind even if it doesn’t make sense. It may later.

Next, ask yourself, “What are the steps I need to take to get it?” Again, write everything you hear, feel or see down. Your deepest desires are communicated in many ways. Write down whatever comes. (Nothing coming up? Check out ‘Troubleshooting’ below.)

Next, look through your guided answers. What do you really want, and how do you get there?


Step #2-Your Plan

Materials Needed

Now that you have the steps to getting what you need, it’s time to plan. I like to use a chalkboard since it’s easy to tweak and I’m always looking at it.

Here’s my board.

Mine is hung up in my office and every time I go in my goals whisper to me, “Hey! Don’t forget, this is what you’re working on!”
I keep track of all my goals easily, and erase every week–applying the new goals for the following week. If you don’t want to invest in a chalkboard, simply use a notebook. Be warned though, in order to get your life together you need to have your goals in your face at all times. Not seeing them constantly makes them easy to forget. Forgotten goals go to the land of lost dreams. Get a chalkboard. 

Exercise #2

Look at your calendar and make a plan for yourself using the steps you were guided to do in Exercise #1.  Let’s say your guidance was to find a new job–then you would plan times for job hunting.

You would look at your calendar and ask yourself, “When can I fit in time to job hunt? What hours are open?” Then you would mark your calendar for the days that week that you would begin–then you would mark your chalkboard according to the dates you’ve created.

The chalkboard’s role is to be a visual reminder, and nudge toward the next step, taking action.

Your next steps:

  1. After you’ve chosen dates, create baby steps. So going off of the example–you would set up time to brainstorm the schematics. You would need to set up time to brainstorm new jobs, the schedule you’re shooting for, salary–etc..
  2. Place those onto your chalkboard as steps you need to take to create your vision.

For the job hunter an example for March would look like this:

March 1-7
March 1, 2-3 pm Brainstorm new Jobs I’d like.
March 2, 2-3 pm Create salary and time wants.
March 3 2-3 pm Apply to jobs on Indeed.

All of this would be set up in a way that feels good on your chalkboard based on your own wants. Then, (this is important) hang the chalkboard somewhere you are going to see it daily.

Set up an alarm on your phone for the dates set up to remind you and keep you focused on your tasks. I also use an app to remind me of my goals. You may like it too. Check out Daylio.

Step #3- Take Action

Now that you’ve set up your dates and times, take action on those dates and times. You can do all the planning in the world but if you don’t move forward into the action phase–you ain’t getting nada. It’s pointless to plan and then sit idle, waiting for your dreams to come true.

You want to get your life together, and your spirit has told you how to do it. You’ve got to take the steps.

When your alarm goes off, do what it’ prompting you to do.  Be an action taker.  Take the steps.


What if nothing comes to me when I ask myself what I want? Sit on it for a bit. Do this once a day until you get ‘aha’s.’ You may not even get them while you do the exercise, rather throughout the day. They may pop up when you’re working or at the gym. When it does, be prepared and write it down. Then move to the next steps. If all else fails, check out my Akashic Readings. These are a way to get to the core of what your issues are directly and support in getting there by connecting to source. Check them out here.

What if I can’t break my goals down into baby steps? There are times where you’ll feel stuck and unsure how to move forward. Prayer can help with this. Pray to a deity or guides for inspiration. Then wait. See what comes up. Write whatever comes up down as you go through your day. If this isn’t working and your goals seem to overwhelming to plan for, check out my Akashic Readings. They may help.


To your success!



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February 2020

February 2020

February has been such a beautiful month.

This month was all about getting to know my darling Giovani. He’s the most peaceful baby. He sleeps at night (only gets up to feed) and during the day just hangs out enjoying the world.

I wonder if he’s peaceful because it’s his detriment, or because he’s number 5 and I’m so used to the little angels.

My husband Dory feels it’s a bit of both.

It’s been a month of enjoying watching him with his sisters and brothers. They’re all in love with him. Constantly pulling him around in his little seat. Arguing over who gets to hold him first. They love their little Gio–and he loves them just as much.

It’s different looking at him. The last ten years of my life have been dedicated to pregnancy and then breastfeeding. We wanted five and he’s the last.

There’s  a feeling of completeness that’s taken some getting used to (I swear I could be the Duggars if I felt I could support twenty angels), but it feels good to know we’ve had our five and can move forward.

The next decade will be all about raising my littles and creating adventures for us all.

Valentines day was a bit different this year. Dory and I normally go out to celebrate our love, but we haven’t found a sitter just yet. Truth be told I’m dragging on it. The idea that a stranger is going to come in and watch my babies is a hard pill to swallow. I’ve been slowly making the shift though. I started pumping yesterday so that there’s a supply when we do go on our date nights.

We ended up putting the kids to bed and having a romantic dinner and movie night. It was perfect.

Goodie Bags for School Parties
Goodie Bags for School Parties

The kids had their Valentines parties at school. I really wanted to have one here but with so much going on, I’ll have to shoot for Valentines Party 2021.


  • I’ve been working through postpartum anxiety big time this month. Focusing on starting yoga, meditating and relaxing as much as possible to get through it.
  • I started vegetarian–clean eating again. I was clean eating a while before my pregnancy with Gio but cereal (specifically cinnamon Life cereal–so freaking delicious)  got in the way so clean eating went out the window. It’s been a little rough getting used to meatless eating. My satisfaction factor hasn’t been what I’ve wanted. I’m still hungry all the time (breastfeeding). I’ve started researching recipes and they look amazing so I think life will go on without meat.
  • Started back to part-time coaching and blogging with the new addition.

Laser focused on juggling all of these with ease and grace. Taking it as easy as possible.

Send me loving vibes!

Spring here we come!


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