Akashic Records Readings

Do you feel blocked in some way–or stuck? Perhaps you’ve been feeling this way for a while on a particular issue and you have no idea what to do in order to move forward.

An Akashic Records Reading can help!

Akashic records readings are like having a sit down with your spirit guides, spiritual teachers, and masters. They’re a way to ask questions and get direct spiritual support about those things that are bothering you, or that you can use clarity on.

It’s like having a telephone conversation with someone that knows you intimately and understands your weaknesses and your strengths. Except they’re not here in the physical world, but rather, they’re in the spiritual realm.

They’re powerful and can help bring about much needed and fast clarity within your life. (Learn more about them here.)

Here’s a testimonial from one of my most recent readings:

“Wow, this is making me cry. You are spot on with the designer thing, one of my hats is instructional designer. Thank you so much for doing this on Monday, what a great way to start the week!”

More About My Akashic Readings 

All of my akashic readings are done online.

Online akashic readings are the simplest and easiest way to connect with me. Once you sign up using the button below, I’ll schedule in your reading within the next 24 hours. You’ll be directed to a page that asks some pretty good questions that will help me get to the core of your issues and then Ill send you my responses within 24 hours later via email.

“Thank you so much! I loved it!! Your answers made absolute sense and resonated so deeply! I now know what I need to do to get started with the path I want to take in my life.” 


My readings are done in question blocks of three-eight. I’ve found that this amount of questions is perfect for getting deep into an issue and getting the answers you need.

Investment: $150

Getting Started

There are two steps to getting started with an online akashic readings:

1. Sign up for a session by paying for the session below.


2. Download the information packet to learn more about the reading and the types of questions to ask.

Thank you! I look forward to connecting with you for your online Akashic Records reading. For information on refunds, please go here. Please contact me at martita@martitarobinson.com for more information or with questions about your purchase.