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What is “Akashic Records Reading?” (And How to Read Them)

What is “Akashic Records Reading?” (And How to Read Them)

Reading my own Akashic records and those of many others, has taught me that there is nothing more valuable in the self-help realm, then these. Read on to learn why.

According to Wikipedia, the “Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.” What does that mean?

Basically, everything that ever was, is or will be- is within these records.

Now, I’m not going to get into a deep talk about the schematics involved, as it’s just not necessary in understanding what they are and how they help.

Just know this–everything that you need to work on in order to become unstuck or move forward within your life, is held within these records.

Having an Akashic Records Reading (or reading them yourself) is how.

What is “Akashic Records Reading?”

Akashic Records Reading is just that–the reading of your Akashic Records.

It’s tapping into that realm where all information is stored. 

You can read your own records or have someone else read them for you (more on that below).

Why get an Akashic Records Reading?

  • You can discover information about yourself in just about every single subject. It is self-help mastery. Seriously.
  • You can get information on how to improve yourself, your relationships–your health!! Your money!
  • You can get information on your spirit guides, or your lives before this incarnation.
  • You can find out information about the earth and its past.
  • Most importantly, in my opinion is the availability of support–ready to help you advance within this lifetime. There are so many entities rooting for you. So much love is available to you. You only need to tap into it!

For someone like me, a spiritual life coach–the Akashic Records are gold! Being able to get legit advice about how my clients can move through blocks, without having to waste time trying to figure out what the blocks are, or think of ways to overcome them–is amazing to me! They help so much!

Why Should You Get Your Akashic Records Read

You mean to tell me I haven’t convinced you yet? Ok. Well, let’s dive in further.

The Akashic records are a parable in the story of you. They hold all that you could ever want to know or learn about yourself.

They are most important in your self growth as they capture the essence of who you are and why you are the person that you are. This understanding of yourself allows you to go even deeper into the person that you are becoming.

There is no right way or wrong way to use the Akashic records. You can open them up to get self knowledge, or to feel loved for being who you are.

There is an massive amount of spiritual energy that comes in when you open your records and/or if you have someone open them up for you. This energy helps to escalate you into a new state of being. You have the capability of complete transformation if this is what you desire.

The Process

Whether you have your records read by someone or you do it yourself, the process is pretty much the same.

  1. First, you pick your questions.

Deciding on the questions is the most important part of the process. Really getting to the core of what you want to know means a lot in the quality of the reading.

The best types of questions always begin with ‘Who, What or Why.’ These allow for an open dialogue to occur within your reading.

  1. Next, you go ahead and open your records (or if in the case of having someone read for you, let them take over the process).

Once you’re in the records you may or may not experience an energy shift. It really depends on the person. Many people feel a sense of peace over themselves, while others feel the shift in energy. (I’m one of the later. I feel the shift in energy completely! When I open the records for myself or someone else, It feels like my heart is pulsating with energy and I can feel it running through me.) But it all depends on the person.

Moral of the story? Don’t expect anything! Just go with your own flow!

How To Open Your Akashic Records

Now, you can open your records yourself, and there are a lot of ways to do this-but the easiest is through a prayer.

Praying for your records to be open is optimal as it puts you into a very vulnerable state. One where you are open to receiving the information that you’re after.

Simply state within a meditation, I would like to know about my Akashic records. I would like to feel them and sense them. Hear from them.

There the knowledge will be given to you.

Some Tips When You Read For Yourself

  • Be specific in the questions you want to learn about and ask. Be open and receptive towards hearing.
  • Be with the intention of learning about who are, and the information will come.
  • Have fun with it. Take it easy. And above all relax as you get the information.

Closing The Akashic Records

When you’re done asking your questions, or simply sitting within the energy, it’s good to do something to mark the end of that session. You can do this by simply saying “Thank you–the records are now closed.”

This will ensure you close off the energy so that you’re not sitting in it all day. I forgot to close my records once and my ears started hurting. Everything gets really sensitive for me in the shift of energy.

It may helpful to have them read for you if you don’t find the answers are clear. At times it can be murky if you aren’t used to listening and receiving. I suggest meditating to really help with this process.

Above all, do get them read! Either by you or someone else.

Does having your records read sound appealing to you?  I’d love to help! I love reading Akashic records for others.

Here’s a recent testimonial:

“You don’t know how much this resonates with me! I feel so much better about taking the next steps on my business. Thank you!!”

Click here to get started!

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Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try!

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try!

Hey there beauty! Welcome!

I’m Martita and I’ll be showing you some amazing spiritual meditations women must try! As a woman myself, I know just how vital it is for women to meditate in order to step into their power.

We are emotional beings and being able to anchor ourselves rather than flop around with the feelings of chaos (anxiety, depression, anger, stress) is important in accomplishing our dreams. Dreams take focus–and emotions tend to take us away from that focus. Not only this, but focus is necessary in order to heal from these emotional imbalances as well! If you suffer from anxiety or depression–learning to anchor yourself (focus on peace) is how you’re going to heal. I know! I suffered for years before I overcame them myself using spiritual meditation.

I’ve developed a list of must try meditations for you. Meditations that have worked for me in my own journey. If you have any questions about them don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message at

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try: Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is one of my favorite types of meditations. My spiritual awakening came about because of my chakra work, and I highly recommend you to practice chakra meditation regularly for spiritual growth.

If you know nothing about your chakras, let me give you a quick rundown (find a deeper explanation here).

  1. Your chakras are your energy centers. They are the center of your spirituality–they are what connects you to the divine.
  2. There are 7 major chakras within your body. Each one has its own purpose.
  3. Just like everything else in your life, they require maintenance to keep them running smoothly.
  4. When they are open and flowing, your life is happy and fulfilled. When they are closed–you feel disconnected from who you are–your spirit, and connected instead to your suffering.
  5. Chakra meditation allows for flow to occur.

I began chakra meditation using a simple process. I sat and focused on my chakra points daily. This allowed for clearing to occur.

Intention opens and clears your chakras. It doesn’t take a lot of time. You simply have to sit and go through each chakra with the intention of allowing Flow.

Benefits to Chakra Meditation

  • Deeper spirituality: You will begin to feel more connected to God, and the universe.
  • Deeper Intuition: You will begin to hear and sense your intuition at a deeper level.
  • Spiritual visions
  • Happier, fulfilled life.
  • Emotional Healing: You will begin to heal your past with every meditation.

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try: “I AM” Meditation

I AM. A simple sentence that when said anchors you within the moment you say it.

I began using this technique to discover my spirit at the beginning of my meditation practice. It is simple, yet creates a profound connection to your power. Your spirit. Universe. All knowing. Everything that is good is connected to by making this statement. I AM.

Stating, “I AM” is signing a permission slip for the divine to take over your life. And its not just opening yourself up to the divine–its a merging of you–body, mind, and spirit. You become whole by making that statement.

When you say the words, “I AM”, you tear down walls that you divide you from your abilities to create magic. Magic in healing, magic in success, magic in love. Magic in life.

Practicing the I AM meditation consistently within your life produces several changes.

  • You begin to feel and become more powerful.
  • You begin to access answers to questions in your life.
  • You stand taller and stronger in the woman that you are.
  • You take action removing doubt and excuses from your life.
  • Your present changes and transforms into what you’ve been working on for years in the past.

Your practice can be simple. It can be sitting for five minutes and repeating I AM, over and over. Or it can be focusing on your chakras, and in between stating, “I AM.” You can repeat it several times a day–using it as a mantra. If you prefer a guided meditation, here’s a great one.

Whichever way(s) feels right, is your path. Take it, and practice!

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try: OM meditation.

OM. Another mantra meditation. (If you’re unfamiliar with what mantras are, they are simply words that you repeat over and over again that become a part of you.)

OM is said to be the universal sound of God. It means everything, and it means nothing.

According to Wikipedia, “Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols.” It is sacred and when chanted tunes you in to the vibrational frequency of all that is.

Whenever I chant “OM” I feel presence instantly. Presence meaning, stillness, or sacred Self. God within me.

OM was a foundation in my meditation practice because chanting OM helped me to stay actively focused, within the meditation. In the beginning I meditated to support anxiety healing, and if you’ve had anxiety you understand how distracting thoughts and feelings can be when you sit to meditate. Chanting is a great way to refocus.

Here is a great instructional video on how to sound and practice OM meditation.

If this sounds like a practice for you, practice daily–or in those moments you feel that you’re unable to focus on your regular meditation practice.

You can practice for as little as five minutes, or go as long as 25. It’s up to you.

You can do a search on YouTube and find someones video that feels good listening and practicing with–alternatively, here’s one I’ve used in the past.


I hope these have helped. These three were, and still are, a consistent part of my meditation practice. I like to switch things up and go through different meditations regularly (Gemini here), so its common for me to practice all three of these in a week. Try these and see what fits for you. I recommend using your favorite every day for two weeks, then trying another. This way you build a foundation for it, and get the most benefit out of regular practice!

If you find this article useful, will you share with other powerful women in your circle? Thank you!!

With love,


Spiritual Meditation vs Regular Meditation

Spiritual Meditation vs Regular Meditation

spiritual meditation

Hi there! My name is Martita and I began my meditation journey using spiritual meditation. Meditation had always appealed to me in some way or another, but I was never pulled to actually practice until I was taught the spiritual side of it all. (The spiritual side of meditation is where it’s at!) Meditation has so many benefits, but for me, the biggest benefits come from discovering the spiritual side of yourself. Life changes exponentially when one starts to delve into the spiritual side of who they are. I’ll go deeper into the differences of both below. If there’s anything missing or if you have any questions, please leave a comment or reach out to me at Thank you!

Spiritual Meditation vs Regular Meditation

After teaching both types of meditation (and practicing) for the last 12 years, I’ve learned that they really aren’t that different. You sit, you concentrate on something, and you move on. That’s meditation, both spiritual and regular. The differences lie in your perception of what’s happening.

Let me explain.

Regular meditation is about acceptance. Accepting your thoughts, your feelings–your moment. You take the time out of your life to sit and pull away from the world in order to learn how to be OK with the feelings of chaos, and to break the incessant cycle of thoughts rolling around in your head. It is especially useful for those suffering from anxiety, depression and stress.

Spiritual meditation is about discovering your Sacred Self. It is learning about who you are. When you sit to focus on releasing the same things you are releasing with regular meditation, but with the intention of discovering your sacredness, you begin to discover a world full of wonder, magic and miracles. You begin to transform.

Spiritual Meditation Connects You To God

God is everywhere–including within you. When you begin to practice spiritual meditation, you begin to discover that you are a spiritual being living here within a human body. You begin to discover that you are a piece of all that God is and you discover that experientially.

What is God? Love, appreciation, peace and everything else that is good in the world. Practicing this type of meditation nurtures those attributes–it nurtures your spirit. It nurtures you.

Regular meditation may eventually lead the practitioner to these same attributes, but if one doesn’t know they are love, they are peace, they are all that is good–they will not push to allow that. They may get to a more peaceful place, but that’s where it ends. There won’t be a push to be better. To be greater. To transform.

Spiritual meditation connects you to the divine. The more you connect to the divine, the more you allow yourself to be that. Can you imagine a life where peace is consistent? Love? Gratitude? These are the results of spiritual meditation.

Spiritual Meditation Empowers You

I’m going to be real here–both regular meditation and spiritual meditation are empowering. The benefits to practicing acceptance and letting go are great for the practitioner. No longer do you need to connect to pain (anxiety, depression, stress). You recognize that you have a choice. Once consistent practice is established you discover your ability to focus instead on calm, and steady peace. This is life changing within its self.

The advanced benefits of spiritual meditation within empowerment are that you recognize your ability to create change in your life. You begin to notice that you are in charge of your world. You are in charge of how you view it, and how you want to it be.

The life you want is created as you step into your divinity.

One of the most important things that I work on building a foundation for within my (five) children’s lives is the idea that they are powerful. They create their lives as they want it to be. If they believe something won’t work out, it won’t. If they believe it will, it will.

As you begin to practice spiritual meditation you begin to own your life. You stop blaming others for your failures, and begin instead to turn to yourself. You learn that it is up to you to create change, irrelevant of how the world around you wants it to be. You own your life, and in this shift of perception your life begins to change into the vision of what you want it to be.

Spiritual Meditation Opens Up Your World To The Spiritual

When I began meditating back around 2004–I used a simple relaxation meditation to connect to spirit. After feeling and sensing who I was (my spirit) I moved on to different meditations. Meditations that anchored me in the now, and allowed me to tap into the heavens–including all the support available to me.

When one begins spiritual meditation, they allow space for guidance–divine guidance. This divine guidance comes from several sources:

  • Intuition
  • Angel Guides
  • Spirit Guides
  • Divine Vision (and more)

Tapping into the spiritual side of you is all about being open to it. Allowing it. This is done through spiritual meditation and often not welcomed with regular meditation.


Regular meditation can open the space just as spiritual meditation can, but practitioners of regular meditation are often seeking something different. They may not be open to this type of guidance. It really is up to the practitioner to choose the purpose of relaxing, as perception makes all the difference.

Your goals of your practice are important. Are you relaxing to allow peace into your life, or are you relaxing for peace and spiritual fulfillment? If you seek something greater than what you can physically see, then spiritual meditation will be of great benefit to you.


I hope that you found what you were looking for within this article. If you learned something, would you mind sharing it on social media with the people in your circle?

With love,

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