February 2020

February has been such a beautiful month.

This month was all about getting to know my darling Giovani. He’s the most peaceful baby. He sleeps at night (only gets up to feed) and during the day just hangs out enjoying the world.

I wonder if he’s peaceful because it’s his detriment, or because he’s number 5 and I’m so used to the little angels.

My husband Dory feels it’s a bit of both.

It’s been a month of enjoying watching him with his sisters and brothers. They’re all in love with him. Constantly pulling him around in his little seat. Arguing over who gets to hold him first. They love their little Gio–and he loves them just as much.

It’s different looking at him. The last ten years of my life have been dedicated to pregnancy and then breastfeeding. We wanted five and he’s the last.

There’s  a feeling of completeness that’s taken some getting used to (I swear I could be the Duggars if I felt I could support twenty angels), but it feels good to know we’ve had our five and can move forward.

The next decade will be all about raising my littles and creating adventures for us all.

Valentines day was a bit different this year. Dory and I normally go out to celebrate our love, but we haven’t found a sitter just yet. Truth be told I’m dragging on it. The idea that a stranger is going to come in and watch my babies is a hard pill to swallow. I’ve been slowly making the shift though. I started pumping yesterday so that there’s a supply when we do go on our date nights.

We ended up putting the kids to bed and having a romantic dinner and movie night. It was perfect.

Goodie Bags for School Parties
Goodie Bags for School Parties

The kids had their Valentines parties at school. I really wanted to have one here but with so much going on, I’ll have to shoot for Valentines Party 2021.


  • I’ve been working through postpartum anxiety big time this month. Focusing on starting yoga, meditating and relaxing as much as possible to get through it.
  • I started vegetarian–clean eating again. I was clean eating a while before my pregnancy with Gio but cereal (specifically cinnamon Life cereal–so freaking delicious)  got in the way so clean eating went out the window. It’s been a little rough getting used to meatless eating. My satisfaction factor hasn’t been what I’ve wanted. I’m still hungry all the time (breastfeeding). I’ve started researching recipes and they look amazing so I think life will go on without meat.
  • Started back to part-time coaching and blogging with the new addition.

Laser focused on juggling all of these with ease and grace. Taking it as easy as possible.

Send me loving vibes!

Spring here we come!




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