Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try!

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I’m Martita and I’ll be showing you some amazing spiritual meditations women must try! As a woman myself, I know just how vital it is for women to meditate in order to step into their power.

We are emotional beings and being able to anchor ourselves rather than flop around with the feelings of chaos (anxiety, depression, anger, stress) is important in accomplishing our dreams. Dreams take focus–and emotions tend to take us away from that focus. Not only this, but focus is necessary in order to heal from these emotional imbalances as well! If you suffer from anxiety or depression–learning to anchor yourself (focus on peace) is how you’re going to heal. I know! I suffered for years before I overcame them myself using spiritual meditation.

I’ve developed a list of must try meditations for you. Meditations that have worked for me in my own journey. If you have any questions about them don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message at hello@martitarobinson.com.

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try: Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is one of my favorite types of meditations. My spiritual awakening came about because of my chakra work, and I highly recommend you to practice chakra meditation regularly for spiritual growth.

If you know nothing about your chakras, let me give you a quick rundown (find a deeper explanation here).

  1. Your chakras are your energy centers. They are the center of your spirituality–they are what connects you to the divine.
  2. There are 7 major chakras within your body. Each one has its own purpose.
  3. Just like everything else in your life, they require maintenance to keep them running smoothly.
  4. When they are open and flowing, your life is happy and fulfilled. When they are closed–you feel disconnected from who you are–your spirit, and connected instead to your suffering.
  5. Chakra meditation allows for flow to occur.

I began chakra meditation using a simple process. I sat and focused on my chakra points daily. This allowed for clearing to occur.

Intention opens and clears your chakras. It doesn’t take a lot of time. You simply have to sit and go through each chakra with the intention of allowing Flow.

Benefits to Chakra Meditation

  • Deeper spirituality: You will begin to feel more connected to God, and the universe.
  • Deeper Intuition: You will begin to hear and sense your intuition at a deeper level.
  • Spiritual visions
  • Happier, fulfilled life.
  • Emotional Healing: You will begin to heal your past with every meditation.

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try: “I AM” Meditation

I AM. A simple sentence that when said anchors you within the moment you say it.

I began using this technique to discover my spirit at the beginning of my meditation practice. It is simple, yet creates a profound connection to your power. Your spirit. Universe. All knowing. Everything that is good is connected to by making this statement. I AM.

Stating, “I AM” is signing a permission slip for the divine to take over your life. And its not just opening yourself up to the divine–its a merging of you–body, mind, and spirit. You become whole by making that statement.

When you say the words, “I AM”, you tear down walls that you divide you from your abilities to create magic. Magic in healing, magic in success, magic in love. Magic in life.

Practicing the I AM meditation consistently within your life produces several changes.

  • You begin to feel and become more powerful.
  • You begin to access answers to questions in your life.
  • You stand taller and stronger in the woman that you are.
  • You take action removing doubt and excuses from your life.
  • Your present changes and transforms into what you’ve been working on for years in the past.

Your practice can be simple. It can be sitting for five minutes and repeating I AM, over and over. Or it can be focusing on your chakras, and in between stating, “I AM.” You can repeat it several times a day–using it as a mantra. If you prefer a guided meditation, here’s a great one.

Whichever way(s) feels right, is your path. Take it, and practice!

Spiritual Meditations Women Must Try: OM meditation.

OM. Another mantra meditation. (If you’re unfamiliar with what mantras are, they are simply words that you repeat over and over again that become a part of you.)

OM is said to be the universal sound of God. It means everything, and it means nothing.

According to Wikipedia, “Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols.” It is sacred and when chanted tunes you in to the vibrational frequency of all that is.

Whenever I chant “OM” I feel presence instantly. Presence meaning, stillness, or sacred Self. God within me.

OM was a foundation in my meditation practice because chanting OM helped me to stay actively focused, within the meditation. In the beginning I meditated to support anxiety healing, and if you’ve had anxiety you understand how distracting thoughts and feelings can be when you sit to meditate. Chanting is a great way to refocus.

Here is a great instructional video on how to sound and practice OM meditation.

If this sounds like a practice for you, practice daily–or in those moments you feel that you’re unable to focus on your regular meditation practice.

You can practice for as little as five minutes, or go as long as 25. It’s up to you.

You can do a search on YouTube and find someones video that feels good listening and practicing with–alternatively, here’s one I’ve used in the past.


I hope these have helped. These three were, and still are, a consistent part of my meditation practice. I like to switch things up and go through different meditations regularly (Gemini here), so its common for me to practice all three of these in a week. Try these and see what fits for you. I recommend using your favorite every day for two weeks, then trying another. This way you build a foundation for it, and get the most benefit out of regular practice!

If you find this article useful, will you share with other powerful women in your circle? Thank you!!

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